Why can't you give up your own choice

The significant increase in the number of hospitalization institutions in Israel has created a competition that resulted in the improvement of service in the nursing home industry, but the variety of choice and possibilities also created a problem: How do you choose the most appropriate framework?

In order to fulfill this need, consultation companies have been assembled to guide families professionally in the complex process of choosing a suitable framework. In fact, the counseling and guidance companies for nursing homes complement the work of the State services on hospitalization in a nursing home.

The consulting companies have an extensive database of information, including all types of frameworks and housing solutions for adults in Israel.

In most cases, they operate without charging a payment by the service makers, and are being briefed by nursing homes to which they evacuate the elderly. Some of the companies also offer physical guidance to the places recommended by them, in order to facilitate the families and streamline the process.

The consulting companies have a variety of unique tools and solutions:

  • The repository of information is live and updated fluently, which includes all existing frames.
  • A service that includes comprehensive and long-term care from the first dilemma stage to the adult entrance to the frame, while continuing to follow the steps in the stage of the fermentation.
  • Professional advice, a home visit, a tour of the recommended places in the company's car and accompanied by a professional consultant.

The counseling companies refer not only to the functioning of the adult according to the definitions of the State ministries, but also to its personal aspects.

Their familiarity with the places in the field allows them to bring the family together with the most appropriate framework. The consulting companies receive ongoing feedback from families staying in institutions, which allow them to update their database and the opinion.

Thanks to the tight relationships that have been established over the years with the directors and their staff, it is possible by consulting agencies to bridge gaps in issues such as financing conditions, populating and improving the general communication between the family and the institution. The expertise of consulting companies also enables you to find creative solutions for cases that fall between the chairs.

What is a good advice?

The role of the Professional advisor is to provide the tools and information for an adult or his family, in order to choose a fully-responsible framework, and with awareness and understanding of the system in the best way. After thorough familiarity with the applicant, the consultant gives a general explanation of the system and presents all types of alternatives. He is assisted by the family and its priorities in order to present a number of limited recommendations to the applicant at the end of the consultation.

It is important to emphasize that the choice of the place ultimately belongs to the applicant and his family only.

When should I switch to the frame?

The motives for leaving the house are varied. They are linked to the functional, health, social, mental, and financial state of the adult. But one common motive for everyone: to improve the quality of life.

It is assumed that the quality of life increases as the person makes its functional potential in an optimal way, thereby enhancing the feeling of self-fulfillment. Therefore, those who weigh to go to another framework will be well enough to do if they first examine how much the transition will be for him to improve his quality of life.

It is important to note that if the applicant is supported by a spouse or other relatives, it is necessary to measure not only the quality of his relationship with them, but also the quality of life of those who treat him, and how the transition will affect his relationship with them at all. This examination is especially important in cases of mental treatment.

Even if there's no money, you can choose.

Families who are facing the Ministry of Health, too, because they cannot withstand a monthly payment privately, should know that this process does not prevent them from being chosen. From the moment that the applicant is authorized for immediate funding, the family can choose anywhere on the list of places working with the Ministry of Health.


How do you identify a professional and reliable consulting company?

  • Professional team composition (social workers, nurses, marketing professionals).
  • Seniority in the field.
  • The number of places that were actually run by the company's consultants.
  • The form of information retrieval for nursing home, and whether it includes a staff visit.
  • How to select the institutions to which they are evacuating the families.
  • Does the company refer to locations without a permit.
  • The consulting company is not a subsidiary of a nursing home network, or is committed to a third person in a way that is affected by the professional level.
  • Setting policy on the institutions that do not meet contractual conditions.
  • Adherence to the service and comply with the rules of ethics.